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Product Design Director, UX Consultant, and Digital Creative Director specialized in Product Design, Digital Marketing and Interactive Design.

Product Design Director

Improving Products and User Experiences by leading teams of excellence and applying creative solutions for huge clients around the world.

UX/Product Design Consultant

Unique methodology that transforms teams, processes, and outcomes to align the Product with your company's objectives

Individual UX Mentorship

Mentorship Program design to ,

Digital Marketing Creative



2004 - Present
Head of Product Design
@ Nomad Labs

2024 - Present
Lead Experience Designer

2022 - 2023
Lead Product Designer

2022 - 2023
Senior UX/UI Designer

2021 - 2022
User Experience Lead

2020 - 2021
Product Design Lead
@NTT Data

• End-to-End UX Project Leadership: Directed end-to-end UX projects for key clients, notably reducing Banco Itaú's Real Estate Credit processing time by 69% and the queue of proposals by 66% through innovative design thinking solutions.
• Complex Design Challenges for Serasa Experian: Guided the UX team in addressing complex design challenges for Serasa Experian, significantly enhancing digital platform user experiences.
• Collaborative Design Workshops: Conducted design workshops and brainstorming sessions, promoting a collaborative atmosphere for creative solution development with stakeholders.

2017 - 2017
Product Designer

2021 - 2022
UX/UI Design Mentor

2020 - 2022
UX/UI Design Program Mentorship
@Lau Yamazaki

2010 - 2022
Local Leader
@IxDA Salvador

2021 - 2022
@Bahiana Business School

2003 - 2007
Creative Director
@Ideia 3 Digital



Egan Schulz
Executive Design Leadership — Former Apple, Rivian, PayPal, Siemens, and Snowflake | Digital Product Development

Kamren Zorgdrager
VP of Developer Comunity @ DevReady

Denis Okabayashi
Lead Product Designer @ Rivian

Paul Heisig
Product and Technology Leader

Igor Ribeiro - Brazil
UX/UI Designer @ NTT Data

Jéssica Willveit
Black Belt Lean Six Sigma | Project Manager

Aranzazu del Castillo Figueruelo - Spain
UX Researcher @ tl;dv

Lau was an incredible teacher who encouraged the class, always bringing cutting-edge content and teachings. I was lucky to keep in touch and follow his professional development in other areas, always being a reference in the sector.

Rodrigo Galvão - Brazil
Diretor Geral - Comercial & Operações @ Transamerica Comandatuba

Sab Tellini Suárez - Argentina
Head of Brand & Creative @ Barner Brand

Corinna Wallisch - Austria
Senior Digital Consultant & UX Designer @DIGITALBERATUNG GmbH

Rose Palmieri - Canada
Product Designer @ Future Workshops

The first time I met Lau was unforgettable. I was studying Business and Architecture at the same time at two different faculties, kind of lost, not knowing what to do. I went to a workshop of a "Design Thinking" that I had never heard of. I was amazed. And since then the name Yamazaki has not left my head. Lau was also present in two other turning points in my life: he accepted to be part of the board, as a guest professor, of my Postgraduate TCC at UFBA (the topic was about Design Thinking lol). And the other moment is now: living abroad, lost again, I sought him out to learn more, learn about UX. Lau is my mentor. Whenever I want to take a turn, a change, refresh my studies, it's he I remember.

Ludmila Bathomarco - Brazil
Marketing ° Digital ° Social Media ° Strategy ° Innovation


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